Palo alto initial configuration cli

On a Palo Alto Networks firewall, this is not that obvious. There are several commands that must be used to achieve the same. However, I tested this procedure a few times and it did NOT work.

But do not use the mere CLI. And even on the CLI, the running-config can be transferred via scp or tftp, such as scp export configuration from running-config. This configuration file can be loaded into a new device, again, via the GUI Import or the CLI scp import configuration from username host:path.

To load the config into a new device, a few commands must be used before.

palo alto initial configuration cli

At first, the terminal width should be adjusted again. Furthermore, the scripting-mode must be enabled in order to send a bulk of CLI commands without an error.

The reason for that is, that several objects are referenced in the configuration before they are added to the device. That is, an application group is used by a security rule before it is added to the config. I wanted to load a complete configuration from a firewall to another. Both firewalls were of the same type, OS version 6. I used the console port on the device. Of course, there are some more options.

Nice article. I was looking for the CLI command to load a previous version of the config and bumped into this article. I want to hard reset the passive one and reload the configuration on it. Will the configuration files remain on the firewall after the hard reset?

Uh, sorry, but I am not quite sure. To my mind, they should be deleted when you are doing a real factory reset. You should definitely save them first. Just need to know how to restore configuration via CLI from. Do share any KB articles if any is present showing exact configuration from scratch. Any way to convert. Since loading another configuration into the firewall does not make the changes active immediately you must commit themyou can easily review them.

Loading configurations merely via CLI is really hard as depicted in this blogpost already…. Thanks for the excellent article. What could be the ideal format to be used for taking configs backup and restoration.

Is it. And is there any difference between these two when restoring the configs. I am always using the. And you can edit the XMLs in a notepad before loading them back into the Palos. Works quite good. Anyone has done a PA cluster hardware migration from PA to and is there a specific process I need to follow? Your email address will not be published.Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls rely on the concept of security zones in order to apply security policies.

Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls zones have no dependency on their physical location and they may reside in any location within the enterprise network. This is also illustrated in the network security diagram below:. Figure 1. Palo Alto Firewall Security Zones can contain networks in different locations. When aggregation interface ae1. Creating a Security Zone involves tasks such as naming the zone, assigning the interfaces to the new zone created and more.

The diagram below depicts the order in which packets are processed by the Palo Alto Firewall:. Figure 2. It is without doubt Zone based firewalls provide greater flexibility in security design and are also considered easier to administer and maintain especially in large scale network deployments.

Setup Palo Alto Firewall Basic Configuration

Figure 3. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls have special zone called External which is used to pass traffic between Virtual Systems vsys configured on the same firewall appliance.

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The External zone type is only available in the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls which are capable of Virtual Systems and also the External Zone is visible only when the multi-vsys feature is enabled. Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Provide the name for the new Zoneand select the zone type and click OK :.

In a similar manner we can repeat steps 1 to 3 to create TapVirtual Wire or Layer 2 security zones. Finally it is important to note that the zone names is case sensitive, so one needs to be careful as the zone FiewallCX and firewallcx are considered different zones:.

Figure 6. Identically named Security zones using different letter cases result in different Security zones. Figure 7. Example of case sensitive security zones with identical zone names. The interfaces part will be dealt in upcoming posts as one need to understand types of interfaces Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewalls offers and how they work.We will go through step by step process.

Hope it will be helpful for you. Series Navigation: 1. This is the first time login, so you need to use default credential. In my case, my management IP is Use default credential to login. After login to GUI, below page will appear. It is asking license, which is mandatory in F5.

Use your own key to register. F5 provide 30 days trial license to anyone. I am using eval license and will do it offline. Therefore, I have chosen manual process after putting the key. Paste this code there and generate license. You might need to re-login. After login, you will see a page like below, where you will find what services will cover under your license. In this section, you will find certificate details.

If you want to use any CA authorized certificate or your own certificate, you can import that here. In the next step, you have the option to change your management IP. Here, you need to put fully qualified domain name. First of all, you will find Redundancy configuration option. If you want to do HA, then select the option and continue. In this step, you will need to configure Internal Network and External network interfaces. Below are the example of Internal interface.

palo alto initial configuration cli

So, follow the same procedure for the External interface. Immediately after completing above step, you will see the setup completion message at top, as well as the new options in the left menu.

In my current position, I am responsible to take care critical projects and it's support cases. I do have several vendor certificates and have plans to go further.Configuring Layer 3 interfaces Command line interface. Define zone for L3 interface Command Line Interface. Web Interface Click Network then select Zones, you can create your zone or use the default trust and untrust zones. Click Add under Interfaces window and select the interface you want to assign to trust zone.

Create virtual router to define default route Command Line Interface. View all posts by cyruslab. I have a little hint for you: When you want to display your current configuration, the output format is the xml output. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email.

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Skip to content. Choose the interface type. Layer3 is the interface type. Assigning IP address on L3 interface. Click Add under Interfaces window and select the interface you want to assign to untrust zone. Click Add, choose any name for the route. Under Interfaces window click Add to select the layer3 interface Click on static route, Under IPv4 tab click Add, choose any name for the static route, type in the destination subnet 0.

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Like this: Like Loading Published by cyruslab. Published December 14, December 14, Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public.

Name required. Post to Cancel. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.Much like other network devices, we can SSH to the device.

For the GUI, just fire up the browser and https to its address. Head to the Device tab and click on Management, then click on the gear icon to open up the dialog box and set the hostname. Unlike an ASA, but more like a Juniper or CheckPoint device, changes need to be committed first, before they take effect. This means that you have the chance to check over your edits and amend if necessary.

You can select how many lines before and after the change you also want to see. I do like this feature a lot, it keeps things in context. Double-clicking on any interface will bring up its settings.

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We need to set the interface type, which defaults to Tap I will cover the different types in a seperate post :. Instead, we will just add the other interface to it:. Now both interfaces are in the same Virtual Router.

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Palo Alto devices are pretty cool in that we can create objects required for other tasks while we are completing the first task — i. Either works. From the drop down, select the option to create a new zone:.

The interface has now been added to the zone. CCIE Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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How to Configure the Management Interface IP

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.Shane, this is great. Thanks for posting. Yeah, give me a few weeks. Its been very busy here. Ill get something together, as that will be a good topic for sure.

Hi - does anyone know how to check the rule usage through cli? I want to see an increment in counters similar to what Juniper have.

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Is that possible? Most populace don't make use of the command line on a usual foundation, so it can be a bit thorny to come across the foremost time. The Windows in service system doesn't flush have a appropriate command line built in -- to accomplish these commands, you will have to install one. Hi Shane, I installed the Palo Alto 6. Does firewall locally store the logs or require to configure the log server? So could you please help me on this.

The Palo does store locally. Logs should happen automatically. If you want to troubleshoot further, email me at Shane.

Killen Gmail. I face the same problem on VM machine. Did we find something on why the logs dont appear on monitor? Hi Shane Killen, thanks to publish this list of useful commands. This blog is helping me to learn a little more about Palo Alto Firewall. How can we run a debug command to monitor the dataplane pool statistics using scripts or API.

Good stuff! I am just cracking into getting experience with Palo Altos.

palo alto initial configuration cli

This is very helpful. Thank you! Hello all - I'm working on a project that requires a controlled shutdown of a Palo Alto firewall following a UPS alert event. Can the request shutdown and y inputs be scripted in any way, please?Task 1: Here we will use Workstation to manage firewall, interface that we will use for management of firewall.

In the basic connectivity Diagram, we will configure the interfaces on switch for management of firewall. Management VLAN. Below diagram shows the configuration on switch for this. Task 2: Now configure network adapter on PC for taking management access. Configure below Orange marked adapter with the management address of the firewall. Note: Please disable Red marked adapter as this interface is for internet access and you may encounter issues during lab-practice.

Now assign the IP address from the management subnet, in this case it is Just click on the icon on the lab screen and you will get the console access to the firewall.

Now follow below command to initialize the firewall and assign gateway and management IP address. Initialize PaloAlto02 with management IP address The command for assigning the IP address and gateway on Palo Alto is set deviceconfig system ip-address Now as the devices are configured with the management IP address.

As this is the error of local signed cert, so you can ignore that and proceed with the connection. There will be pop-up asking to reset the password to new one as you logged in with default password. Need not to worry and click on OK. UniNets has emerged as one of the best networking institute in terms of faculty, placement and approach. Our aim is to develop you as our brand ambassador who could become a building block of this Internet world.

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