Warhammer 40k itc rules pdf

So here we are! Barring any grammar or clarity issues, or any egregious balance issues, the missions are now done. Thanks to everyone for contributing to these new ITC 40k season missions! This represents a community effort and reflects the desires of the ITC community of 40k enthusiasts. The continued evolution of these missions will hopefully give us a more balanced and enjoyable matched play experience.

And of course, as we always say, you can use any missions you like in the ITC so if your community wants to mix it up, or really loves the Chapter Approved mission set, or whatever the case may be, feel free to do so and still count points to the ITC. And remember, Frontline Gaming sells gaming products at a discount, every day in their webcart! Posted on February 27, by Reecius in 40KNews. Tags: 40K itc news. For king of the hill and imperial knights.

warhammer 40k itc rules pdf

Or should it read two Knights on the center scores two points? I think it should. It reads: a combination of two units, a Knight being one of them. So, you need two knights, or a knight and a multi-model units, etc. The Marked for death change is gonna lead to a significant point increase in Night Spinners calling it.

NEW ITC MISSIONS Beta - Warhammer 40k Competitive

This might be a typo, but it appears that the engineers secondary says in one section you need to have 2 units hold the same objectives to score a secondary point. But later it says if you hold 2 separate objectives, you can score 2pts. But there are only 2 engineer units total. It seems like it takes 2 units to hold 1 objective, but later you can hold 2 objectives with 2 units for 2 points.

Cause it would be possible for a marker to be outside of the deployment zone, yet still able to grab it from within during deployment. Now those decisions are made behind closed doors Do TOs talk to every single participant at their events to able to speak for all players.

The idea is that the TOs are your representatives. Speak to your regional rep to express your ideas and concerns, or to your local TO. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses, not from some farcical aquatic ceremony. The way it reads at the moment, you can stack big game hunter with other seek and destroy secondaries, provided you cause the killing blow with a different unit or the same unit on a different turn.

Is this intentional? Unit one causes 20 wounds to a knight that is also a character and counts these for big game hunter, then unit 2 causes 4 wounds and kills it and counts the kill for headhunter. Does this mean measurement of scoring objectives is no longer to the edge of the marker?

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Are war dogs considered Chaos knights for the Postman?Unlike in vanilla 40k, most actions in the game are handled on a "I go, you go" basis of alternating activation, similar to Warhammer Underworlds. This means the game speed is much faster than 40k's, and also requires players to plan their actions out more carefully. Just like vanilla 40k, the way you can play kill teams is divided into three distinct styles; Open, Narrative, and Matched Play.

If things are going tits up for your Kill-Team in a Campaign mission, you can elect to forfeit the battle after the third round. Obviously you'll lose, but on the bright side you won't run the risk of losing an experienced Specialist to an unlucky Casualty roll.

After the terrain is set up but before your kill teams are placed, each player secretly chooses 1 of 6 pre-battle actions to perform in the scouting phase to either give themselves an advantage or counter opponents' Scouting Phase actions. Plant Traps: Select up to d3 pieces of terrain. The model then rolls a d6, taking a mortal wound on a 1.

Regardless of whether the trap caused a wound or not, enemy models treat the trapped terrain and a 1" space around it as dangerous terrain. Disarm Traps: Cancels the effect of Plant Traps, if it was used. If Plant Traps was not used, this does nothing.

If Take Forward Positions was not used, this does nothing. After selecting your Scouting option, you move onto deployment. Missions usually provide rules to follow for deployment that restrict where you can set up models.

These rules can be as simple as "This third of the board" to complex shapes based on radii to certain points or weird randomized position like in the Aerial Strike mission. In any mission where you don't use Arena's Ultra Close Confines rules, when you deploy your models, you can choose to set up a portion of your models in Reserve instead of on the field.

The models in Reserve cannot exceed either one half of the total number of models in your kill team if you have 10 models, you can only put a max of 5 in Reserve OR half the total points cost of your kill team So if you have 3 20pt Stealth Suits and 5 8pt Fire Warriors, you can't put all your Stealth Suits in reserve even though they're less than half of your total number of models.

At the end of any Movement Phase, you can choose to set up any number of models in Reserve anywhere on the board that fullfills the following:. The distance from enemies is relatively constant though. Every faction also has access to the Outflank tactic, which eliminates the deployment zone restriction for the cost of 1CP.

When they are set up, the models are considered to have made a normal move that phase for all rules purposes, and cannot make another move that round, but otherwise act normally in the following phases.

At the start of each battle round, the players roll off using a 2D6 to determine their initiative for the rest of the battle round. Highest scorer has initiative. Note that it isn't a choice, the one that rolls higher must go first even if it's disadvantageous. Similar to vanilla, but since only a small selection of available units can even use psychic powers it's much less important; however, it becomes more prominent if Commanders are involved.

By default, all psykers know Psybolt, which is basically vanilla 40K's Smite, but Commander Psykers can exchange it or other powers they might know for one of the following:. At the start of the shooting phase, the player with the highest initiative shoots first with one of his models that was readied in the movement phase then it goes to the next player with the next highest initiative, and so on until all readied models have shot.

Then, each player takes turn choosing a model to shoot that hasn't already shot, starting with the player with the highest initiative then the next player with the next highest initiative until all players have shot. Cover and range are more important in Kill Team than they are in vanilla 40k; shooting a unit from more than half of a non-Grenade weapon's maximum range imposes a -1 penalty to hit them, as does shooting a unit that is obscured i.

That said, an unmodified 6 to hit will always hit so doubling down on dakka to maximize the chances of a lucky hit is still a viable strategy. Of course, flamers still automatically hit as well. Units that attempted a charge, or were successfully charged, in the movement phase cannot shoot in the subsequent shooting phase. The Fight Phase works similarly to how it does in 40k; whoever charges first attacks first, followed by non-chargers, giving you two "subphases".

In each subphase, players alternate "activating" models to fight, starting with the player with the highest initiative, then the next highest, until all players have attacked. Morale has two components in Kill Team: the morale of individual fighters and the morale of the team as a whole.

If more than half of the squad has gone Out of Action, are shaken, or have sustained Flesh Wounds, then the squad may break and suffer penalties to their hit rolls for the rest of the game. Meanwhile, models that have taken Flesh Wounds or are part of a squad that is currently broken are at risk of becoming Shaken, which forces them to skip their turns entirely and can disable most of their Specialist abilities.

The more models in the squad that are shaken or out of action, the more likely it is for other squad members to become shaken. When a model loses its last Wound, the player who caused the wound makes an injury roll.Be sure to check with your Tournament Organizer TO for event-specific alterations or format changes. In this section, you will find the rules for pre-game setup, including deployment and scoring for Primary and Secondary missions.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the six missions listed below follow these steps. Questions should be directed to: contact frontlinegaming. Game 4 Battleplan: Better Part of Valour Tertiary Objective: Score this objective if half of your total starting models have been wholly within your enemies territory. Game 5 Battleplan: Focal Points. Tertiary Objective: Keep at least one Battleline unit, excluding summoned units, alive while de- stroying all your opponents, excluding summoned units.

Battleplan Scores: Depending on the outcome of each game, the player will earn tournament points noted below. Secondary Objectives: Before deployment for each game, each player must secretly note down which secondary objective they will be attempting to achieve that game. Once a secondary objective is attempted, it can no longer be attempted in any further games.

Each of these is worth 5 tournament points. Tertiary Objectives: Each game has a specific tertiary objective. Each of these is worth 2 tournament points. Sportsmanship: At the end of game 5, all players will turn in a sportsmanship voting card. On this they will indicate their favorite, 2nd favorite and third favorite games.

Each vote is worth a different amount of points. Following this expectation will grant the player 8 tournament points. Paint Scoring: All players will set up their armies after Game 1. All players will be able to achieve up to 22 tournament points based on the rubric in this packet.

Additionally, judges will give up to 8 additional points for the top painted armies, which will be required to be set up again during lunch break on Day 2. At the beginning of each game before deployment, secretly select which secondary objective you will attempt to achieve during the game.

Once you select an objective to attempt, you may no longer select that objective for the rest of the tournament, whether you achieved it or not. Too many to count Destroy your opponents unit with the most models. Assassin Kill at least half of your opponents starting heroes. Protect the King Keep your general alive and on the battlefield at the end of the game. Gimme the loot Destroy all your opponents models that have artifacts.

Protect the Weak Keep all of your starting battleline units alive at the end of the game. In this 2-day, 4-round narrative campaign, you will help shape events as Horus and the Traitors move into the Sol System. We reserve the right to exclude or impose in-game penalties for unpainted models.No painting or composition scores will be calculated into the overall Team Scores. Although painting quality is not a factor in the overall score, there will be an award for Best Painted Army at the event.

You can call : IF you need further assistance, but we would prefer email correspondence as much as possible. The first round pairings of the ATC will be done randomly with the exception that no teams from the same game club will be paired against each other.

After the second round of the event we will not guarantee or adjust pairings in a manner that teams from the same game clubs will not be paired against each other. Individual Player Pairing System. Teams will pair off into 5 individual games every round. The event will have table sections containing 5 tables each, with varying degrees of terrain on them.

Warhammer 40,000 ITC Tactica Report: Forces of the Hive Mind vs Chaos 2000pts

This is done blindly and simultaneously. Tables are selected based on order decided by roll off, then alternating. The last match is the game between the two attackers who were not selected by the defenders in Step 6. A Round between teams consists of 5 individual games.

Each individual game will score a number of points as detailed in the mission pack. The player scores for each game are calculated exactly as per the ITC mission. Scoring this way versus just adding scores together will make it more difficult for a team to slow play an opponent and normalizes how many points are being distributed every round of the event.

If a team wins 4 or 5 of their individual games in a round then that team will earn an automatic Win 2 Round Pointsregardless of points totals.

In this case, points MUST still be calculated and reported as normal, as the total points scored over the course of the event will help to determine tie breakers and overall team placement. Each army can consist of no more than 3 Detachments of any type. You must use the most current datasheets for your models — e. General Requirements You need to bring everything you need to play a complete game - GW FAQ sa copy of your army rules, templates, dice, tape measure, etc.

Players should bring Wound Trackers for their army.Join our ITC T. Mailing List! Actual event attendance may vary. The player that does the best overall through the year will be the Circuit Champion. For a full beak-down of how this works, read this document. The season is the sixth year for the ITC! The previous seasons were huge hits and the ITC has now grown to be a global circuit. Events under 1,pts can only ever count as an RTT score.

We based our model off of the World Series of Poker. Each player will earn points for each event they participate in. His scoring breakdown:. Fear not, Bobby Bojangles! He earned a very respectable 80 points. It was nowhere close to his point finish at the BAO however, thus the 80 points would not replace his current Major score.

But if you look at the rest of his breakdown, one of his scores would be replaced. In particular, we are looking at his RTT 3 score of 25 points.

As his lowest score, this would be bumped out by the higher score. That calculation will then give you how many ITC points you earned for that particular event! All events must be submitted within 30 days of the event ending. It is strictly prohibited in the ITC to falsify an event score or for an event organizer to falsify the results of an event through changing player scores or by adding players to an event who were not there or in any other way alter their scores or the scores of their event with the intent to falsify results.

Any ITC participants violating this condition will be immediately removed from the ITC, their scores erased and they will be banned from future participation in the ITC for a year at a minimum.

warhammer 40k itc rules pdf

Event organizers found to be in violation of these policies will have the event in questoin erased from the ITC rankings and they will not be able to submit scores for one year. Everyone is welcome to join!

Everyone is welcome. Email address:. If you would like your local league to count for ITC points that is fine. The scores are calculated the same way as with an ITC tournament with the exception that we cap the round bonus to 6 rounds of play as leagues tend to run over long periods of time and would create relatively unfair amounts of points when compared to other events.

In the instance of a league that uses an alternative pairing system to Swiss, make sure to only count the the size of the event for players that play one another. For example, many leagues use a division or pod system for players to play one another in groups that are more convenient to manage.

Count each of these sub-divided groups as their own league for ITC scoring purposes.

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Newsletter Subscribe to the Frontline Gaming email list! Get the latest info, sweet deals, and additional Frontline content through our email list. Sign up today! All Rights Reserved.The question comes up quite frequently in various forums here.

What size bases do my metal terminators go on? What bases come with killa-cans? Does a daemon prince get a 40mm or 60mm base? Whether you are a new player with random eBay models, an older RT era player getting back into the game and wondering why everyone else's terminators look "different" or a scratch builder who doesn't want to buy a metal killa-kan to know how big to make your scratch builds, sooner or later you want to know for certain how big the base is.

Since GW, for their part, refuses to define a base size in the codex entry for each model, instead telling us we must use the base included with the model to be assured legality, and then packages the models with different sized bases, I am personally left a tad confused.

I have thus decided that this is exactly the kind of nail that needs beaten to death with the hammer of wiki! Or the Wiki of Hammer, what have you.

I want to divide this up by army, unit entry ie. Tactical Marines, Dreadnought, etc. Used mostly for larger infantry.

The boys in blue or whatever color are remarkably consistent, and so have a slightly different organization than I want to go with. Great to go with an exception first…. I am still working on exact formatting, but if you know the base sizes of an army, please update this as you can!

Great job and very useful]. Switch Theme.

warhammer 40k itc rules pdf

Terminator by RAFF. Categories : Warhammer 40, General Painting and Modeling. Dakka 5. Discuss This Page in the Forums. Click Here. Share Share on Facebook.Hey all, Danny here to talk about how we are going to start putting our armies together in the brave new world of 8th edition. So long formations, and technically, so long CAD as well. In 8th edition, in terms of Matched Play, Battle-Forged armies are still a thing, namely Unbound is now squarely in the land of Open play bring whatever you want.

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To be Battle-forged is very much like in 7th, meaning each unit you bring must be part of a Detachment, and each Detachment has requirements and optional Battlefield Roles. This is all what we are used to for the most part, but the big difference is that everyone is now forced to use the same Detachments.

Formations are gone and even Codex-specific Detachments are gone but I bet we see them return in some form with the return of proper Codexes. So, to start, you need to select a Detachment and start filling in requirements.

Just like before, plug in units to a Detachment until you are out of points or meet the minimum requirements of that Detachment. All Battle-Forged armies start 3 CPs base. In terms of allies, they are gone, but well, all you need to do is share a Faction keyword and you can be used in a Detachment, so Imperials, Chaos, and Aeldari pretty much have one giant codex.

About Contact Donate. Home 40k How to build armies in 8th Edition. Say hello to what was once the Allied Detachment in 7th edition. If you are really just trying to get a small taste of a Faction or playing a low point game, here you go. You do get to cherry pick as you are only required to take 1 HQ and 1 Troop, so for codexes or armies that do not have powerhouse HQ choices or Troop choices, you are only taking 2 tax units for up to 2 of the more specialized battlefield roles, but you only get 1 CP.

Of course, this could change if TOs decide to enforce that you must share two Faction keywords rather than just one. This is the closest to the old CAD.

Ets2 world map mod

You need 2 HQs and 3 troops rather than the old 1 HQ and 2 Troops, but this is to keep you from being able to easily wrack up 9 CPs since why not have a Brigade then. This is an easy way to slot in a small force or a good sized one. This feels like more of a puzzle piece rather than the whole picture.

warhammer 40k itc rules pdf

If you spend too much on this, you are likely better trying to run a brigade. If you want just a taste, Patrol is better. This is that weird middle ground either for smaller games or to try and farm up CPs with a few other low CP detachments.

How to build armies in 8th Edition

Still, it is highly useful as a small Battalion plus one or two of the specialized detachments can still net you CPs plus with a lot of skew as you are rocking up to 9 of a specialized battlefield role. The big daddy. You have to take the whole menu, but you get 9 CPs, so really In maelstrom missions, being able to discard a card for 6 turns can be game changing. Yes, you have to take a huge amount of stuff, but most factions can do this as either a single detachment army or as a cheap chaff machine to fuel a few super hitters.

This helps even the playing field as these Factions still have a very rewording system for staying focused. Chances are, if you take this Detachment, it will be the bulk of your army unless you are really bringing it cheap to just earn CPs.

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